Do you ever notice your breast? Did you care about their health? When we need to use them to attract the attention of men or feed our children, we may care about if they are sexy, if they are healthy enough to feed as a "Milky machine". However, with more and more female being diagnosed with breast cancer, should we pay more attention to our breast health?

This book uses dots to represent female's breast, and to talk about the experience of our breast: From the "attractions" to "breastfeeding" who are they belong with? Do we have ownership of our breasts? Along with it, breast hyperplasia, breast cancer and other kinds of diseases, all the painful are killing us! Are these the privilege the god has given us? It's not fair. In this book, also shows us how breast cancer happens, the primary purpose is to remind everybody, including the males, please take care of your partner or mother's breast. The most important is that the breasts are BELONG to us! 

The form of the book is open both sides, like zipping off our clothes, to reveal inside of us layer by layer. When the book opened, two sides' pages and readers' hands connected, become a square shape, the readers always opposite with the object, which means, "You can see, you can touch, but they do not belong to you, they are mine."


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